Stevens Fighting Fund

Steven, a 23 year old young man, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in August 2010. His family needed 100.000 so they could fly Steven to Los Angeles, California and have an operation to remove the tumour.

They arranged to fly to LA  and thankfully the operation was a success, but they only raised 40.000 so the rest they had to borrowed it. Stevens family is now raising money so they can give  back all the money they borrowed, please lets help this family with a donation 🙂


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Stand up for Harry 2013

Harry Moseley was just eleven years old when he died in October 2011 after a four-year battle against brain cancer.  During those years he raised nearly £700,000 for charity, by making and selling bracelets, public speaking and attending as many fundraising events as he possibly could.  He was, as thousands declared during his life, and thousands more have done so since his untimely death, a true inspiration.

Free meal will be provided on the night, tickets are £19.00 plus booking fee. the booking fee is being donated to the charity.


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Match Jake

On February 17, 2012, at exactly 5 1/2 years old, we took our boy Jake to a doctor’s appointment to try and figure out why in just one week he was bruising more than usual, had a very slight but persistent bloody nose, and was too tired to walk to school. Later that night we were stunned when he was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia. For reasons currently unkown, Jake’s bone marrow has stopped working – which means that it’s not producing red or white blood cells or platelets.

What does that mean?
– First, it means life as Jake knew it prior to Feb 17 has changed dramatically. Kindergarten has been replaced with a daily regime of medications and a weekly regime of doctor’s appointments, blood tests and transfusions.

– Second, it means life for our family now requires a crash course in pediatric hematology, homeschooling Jake and constantly struggling to figure ways to keep his life “normal” but safe for a creative, busy, happy kid with no immune system and dangerously low levels of blood in his body.

– Third, and most important, it means finding Jake’s cure, a bone marrow transplant. 

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Community Music in Action

Community Music in Action (CMIA) is a newly formed local charity founded by members of Beckenham-based community choir FUNdamentally GOSPEL. The choir launched the charity in July 2011 when they realised how the benefits they had gained from making music together could be passed back to their local community.

The aim of CMIA is to fund and run at least three music projects a year in Bromley and neighbouring boroughs, targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of people. The projects are led by experienced musicians and professional workshop leaders along with volunteers from the choir and are tailored to each partner’s needs and requirements

So far the charity has been funded entirely by the activities of FUNdamentally GOSPEL, but the vision of Musical Director and Chairperson Fiona Bolton is one that sees lots of different kinds of local musical groups from the local area uniting towards a common goal.

FUNdamentally GOSPEL’s next fundraiser is their Christmas Concert on Saturday 8th December, 7.30pm, at City Gate Church Hall, 22 Rectory Road, Beckenham, BR3 1AA. Entry is by a suggested minimum donation £5 — a small price to pay for a great night of entertainment and the knowledge that they will be contributing to a great local cause.

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Justice 55

20% of all Sales will be donated to Children in Need!

Justice 55 was created to help give back to a variety of organizations that are doing meaningful work benefiting children in need here in the US. We get asked all the time what the 55 means and while it had no specific meaning when we started here are a few things we found when we did a little research on the number 55.

The number 55 represents DIVINE WILL / WILL POWER

Making Positive Life Choices and Important Changes

The ancient Greek warriors invoked success and painted Number 55 in their armors. This invoked powers to confer victory on them, when they fought battles with their enemies.

We focus primarily on Child Abuse and Child Hunger!

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