Pop n Grow

There are 209 Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the UK. It is our aim to supply each and every one of these units their own stock of Pop ‘n’ Grow baby-grows. We will send 5 prem and 5 newborn grows every 6 months, so each unit will receive 20 grows a year, unless more are requested. The cost of supplying this amount of grows to one unit per year is just £100.

We need to raise £21k a year to cover these costs. Funds raised through online auctions, specially made wristbands and lots of other fundraising from our supporters is helping us to achieve this goal. We thank each and every Pop ‘n’ Grow supporter for their help.


For more information and to donate please visit: http://www.popngrow.co.uk/#/the-grows/4559724041

Follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/pop_n_grow






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