1 man, 700 friends,30 countries, 1 brave little boy!

Joseph Bowen was diagnosed with Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, an extremely rare form of cancer on Wednesday 27th April 2011. You can read more of his story at http://josephbowensjourney.blogspot.co.uk/.  

Rob Jones has set himself a challenge of visiting all 700  of his facebook friends to raise money for Joseph and ClicSargent. Rob will be visiting 30 countries and documenting each visit and posting it onto his website  http://www.700friends.com/ . Each friend will get a sticker saying that they have been ‘robbed’ and will take a picture with Rob holding a  board with their friend number on it. Joseph Bowen will be the first friend to be ‘robbed’ as he is the reason behind this adventure. 
You can visit/ contact Rob using the following links…

One thought on “1 man, 700 friends,30 countries, 1 brave little boy!

  1. Thanks for blogging what I’m doing. So far I’m upto 9 nine friends as I have just started the challenge. I’m currently in Poland and making sure all 8 Polish friends are “Robbed” before I go to Manchester in the middle of April.

    Once I’ve visited the friend, they can then donate if they wish.

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