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Pop n Grow

There are 209 Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the UK. It is our aim to supply each and every one of these units their own stock of Pop ‘n’ Grow baby-grows. We will send 5 prem and 5 newborn grows every 6 months, so each unit will receive 20 grows a year, unless more are requested. The cost of supplying this amount of grows to one unit per year is just £100.

We need to raise £21k a year to cover these costs. Funds raised through online auctions, specially made wristbands and lots of other fundraising from our supporters is helping us to achieve this goal. We thank each and every Pop ‘n’ Grow supporter for their help.


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1 man, 700 friends,30 countries, 1 brave little boy!

Joseph Bowen was diagnosed with Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, an extremely rare form of cancer on Wednesday 27th April 2011. You can read more of his story at  

Rob Jones has set himself a challenge of visiting all 700  of his facebook friends to raise money for Joseph and ClicSargent. Rob will be visiting 30 countries and documenting each visit and posting it onto his website . Each friend will get a sticker saying that they have been ‘robbed’ and will take a picture with Rob holding a  board with their friend number on it. Joseph Bowen will be the first friend to be ‘robbed’ as he is the reason behind this adventure. 
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Walk for Wishes

On Saturday, April 28, Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles will hold its 5th Annual “Walk for Wishes” at 20th Century Fox Studios. Our largest fundraising event of the year, we are expecting a record 2,000 walkers to participate and help us raise the funds to grant 400 wishes this year for children living in our community with a life-threatening medical condition.

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The Spine Africa Project

The mission of The Spine Africa Project focuses on three objectives: the treatment of those afflicted with spinal conditions, the education of local medical personnel, and social change. Each of these three factors contributes individually to what seems to be an exclusively medical epidemic.

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Please watch this video and share it. thanks!

Speak Up TODAY for the Creating Hope Act

The future of the Creating Hope Act is in jeopardy…. please act today to contact key members of Congress!

The Creating Hope Act would encourage the creation of new drugs for pediatric cancer and other rare diseases by providing market incentives, in the form of a priority review voucher, to pharmaceutical companies that develop the drugs.


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Save the children in Uganda

This is not a charity but i feel the need to add my grain of sand in this situation , is a good cause and is something really sad that has been happening for many  years in Uganda, is time to do something about it, lets send hope to those people. The only thing i will ask you is to watch this video and after you watch it, please share it, keep spreading the world, dont let people forget about Joseph Kony, thank you.

Help raise money and awareness for Tuberous Sclerosis

The story of Angela Larkin:

Me my husband and our little boy Shawn who will be 6 years old at the time. will be doing a 5k fun run in July. We are raising money and awareness of a condition that heavily affects our family TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS. Shawn and my 2 youngest children suffer from the condition as do myself, my sister and my mam. It causes tumors to grow in all the major organs of the body. (Brain, kidneys, heart, liver, skin,) It also can cause epilepsy and behaviour problems. My 2 youngest suffer from epilepsy as do myself and my sister. My middle child suffers from behaviour problems and has delayed learning.

You can help this family and also other patients who suffer from this condition, to donate please visit:

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